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While the world is connected like never before why not to try something new?

We know a thing or two about business

At SEONTRO we believe that there is a better way to do business and marketing. A more honest approach. We think that to get a customer, you must earn his trust first.

It’s a long process of building trust and rebuilding company values because there is no such thing like ‘silver bullet,’ one strategy, that will cure all your problems at once. We’re excited to simplify marketing for you and remove any obstacles that you may encounter on your journey to the life that you always wanted to have.

What does SEONTRO mean?


Our team comes from various industries and specialties, but when we started our adventure with marketing, the first thing we learned was SEO (Search Engine Optimization). That’s why we decided to create a name that will refer to our shared experience.

Consulting services for US only


With more than 80,000,000 small companies, according to statistics from 2018, the united states are a fantastic market for a small but ambitious consulting company. At the same time, thanks to the location in Eastern Europe, we can offer more affordable prices with extremely high-quality services, knowledge, and experience.

Meet the founder(s)


SEONTRO is a brand created by Michał Skup from Grupa Integrator – Polish-based company focused on providing marketing, law and educational services around Poland, Europe.

Michał is an expert in marketing and brand strategy with a heavy focus on customer happiness and data analytics. He has over ten years of experience as a brand manager, marketing consultant, e-commerce manager, and community manager.

You can connect with him via his LinkedIn profile.

Where are we?


Our office is in Poland, Europe. We all live in a beautiful city Wroclaw. However thanks to the power of the Internet you can contact us whenever you want by Slack, Skype, E-mail or phone call.

If you want to know more about our country read this.

Is this safe for your company?


Cooperation with a company located abroad or even on another continent may raise doubts. Will the company comply with its obligations? Can you trust them? Will not they disappear suddenly, and I will not stay on the ice? These are fundamental questions that we should ask ourselves before starting the partnership.

However, Polish and European law is much more stringent in these respects than in the United States. The responsibility of our company not only for fulfilling the provisions of the contract but also for keeping trade secrets and for protecting your data (GDPR) means that we have to meet higher requirements than if we were in the united states.